Venice Production Bridge


Every year, the Venice Production Bridge is an unavoidable rendez-vous among the cinema, audiovisual and VR professionals involved in production, distribution and broadcasting. The ongoing success is not only confirmed by the increasing numbers (more than 2,700 accredited professionals during the fourth edition), but also by an enthusiastic feedback from all participants. The Venice Production Bridge is providing the producers with a unique possibility of meeting package to create a film. Distributors, sales agents, banks, private and public investment funds, regions and film commissions, broadcasters, video aggregators and Internet platforms. The fifth edition of the Venice Production Bridge will take place from September 3 to September 11, 2020 on the third floor of the Excelsior Hotel of the Lido di Venezia. The VPB will join and reinforce the Venice Production Bridge Office which will work throughout the entire 77. Venice International Film Festival nd th (September 2 – 12 ).


(Films are presented in alphabetical order)

  • Venezia 77
  • Out of Competition
  • Orizzonti
  • Biennale College Cinema
  • DVL for titles not in the Official Selection
  • Settimana della Critica (SIC)
  • Giornate degli Autori