TIFF Kids International Film Festival

  • Canada
  • Toronto
  • 18th edition

9 - 18 March 2018

TIFF Kids is one of the largest children’s film festivals in the world! Presented each April, the festival offers a diverse slate of programming from Canada and around the globe, using the power of film not just to entertain children and parents but also to foster new ideas about the complex issues facing young people today. 
Whenever possible, we include an opportunity to engage in discussions with filmmakers and special guests to further explore ideas, themes, storytelling techniques, and much more.

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Young People’s Jury Award (ages 8–10) Best Feature Film -THE WITCH HUNTERS
Young People’s Jury Award (ages 11–13) Best Feature Film - THE BREADWINNER
People’s Choice Award Favourite Feature Film Runner-up - SUPA MODO
People’s Choice Award Favourite Short Film, Young People’s Jury Award for Best Short Film - SHADOW BOXER