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Directed by Yiguo Chen

  • China 2019; 9 min
  • Original version: Mandarin
  • Genre: Thriller


The time is 11:50. Zhongxi Jin is wandering on the street in his car and accidentally hits and kills a man. He finds a hotel room key when he buries the body, and at the same time sees a “valuable” text message on the man’s cellphone. He decides to explore the hotel but doesn’t realize that this trip will never end.

Director's Statement

Buddhist scriptures state that all things in the world are the corollaries of reincarnation. Life is like a circle; everyone is simply experiencing different points and moving around in the circle. In the end, no one can escape from it. But I think this is merely a fatalistic theory. Just like the protagonist of the story, he doesn’t know what he is going through, or what will happen to him. Since he always thinks and behaves the same way in his life, he will continue to enter reincarnation.  However, as bystanders, it is clear to us that since we are the one who draws the circle, we are the one who can jump out of the circle.



    Lesley Yiping Qin