15 Corners of the World

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    15 Corners of the World

    15 stron świata

    Directed by

    Germany, Poland


    79 min

    • Polish


    Eugeniusz Rudnik revolutionized the idea of music itself with a pair of scissors and a magnetic tape. As part of the legendary Experimental Studio of Polish Radio, he revealed hidden value in rough and rejected sounds long before the rise of the DJs. In an era of electronic music created in a workshop resembling a scientific lab, he composed music to reach and to portray other human beings. “15 Corners of the World” is an attempt to hear the vision of his music. Following the rhythms of architecture, the human body, and the throbbing pulse of nature we discover a new reality. We touch the sound. Moving images reveal a miracle that emerged in the age of tape recorders and disappeared with the advent of computers. They express the wonder of the analogue era – the urge to experiment, to discover new territory, explore the borderlands, and constantly search for new means of expression.


    • Prix SRG SSR, Semaine de la critique - FF Locarno



    Eugeniusz Rudnik
    Weronika Pelczyńska
    Anna Wojnarowska
    Romuald Krężel
    Grzegorz Sowa
    Zuzanna Solakiewicz
    Zvika Gregory Portnoy
    Mateusz Romaszkan
    Eugeniusz Rudnik

    Director's Statement

    I had never expected that the ‘robotic music’ is supposed to reflect the human soul. Until I met Eugeniusz Rudnik. And I thought about the idea: What if to make a film that gives priority to the sound more than to the picture? A film that gives interpretation to the music in order to capture it in picture? What if to show the sound?

    Zuzanna  Solakiewicz

    Zuzanna Solakiewicz


    Born in 1978, Zuzanna Solakiewicz graduated in humanities from the University of Warsaw and studied film directing at the Sam Spiegel Film & TV School in Jerusalem. Her shorts and documentaries have been successfully presented in many international film festivals. Her work includes KABARET POLSKA (2008) and YORZEIT (2012).