22nd of May

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    22nd of May

    22 mei

    Directed by



    88 min

    • Flemish


    Sam works as a security guard in a shopping centre. The 22nd of May looks as if it’s going to be a day like any other: the forty-something drags himself to work; he shows someone the way and throws out a tramp. But when he stands outside smoking a cigarette, fate strikes. In the shopping centre, a boy with a rucksack blows himself up. And Sam didn’t notice. Or did he?



    Sam Louwyck
    Titus de Voogdt
    Wim Willaert
    Norman Baert
    Jan Hammenecker
    Koen Mortier
    Glynn Speeckaert
    Nico Leunen
    Koen Mortier

    Koen Mortier


    Koen Mortier (1965, Belgium) has been active in the film world as an author, director and producer. Mortier set his first step into the film industry with two shorts: ANA TEMNEI and A HARD DAY'S WORK. Both received a lot of positive feedback and festival prizes. In 2007, Mortier directed EX DRUMMER, his first feature film that was shown in various festival selections, won prizes and was sold to more than twenty countries. Three years later, his second film 22ND OF MAY was released. This reaped success: the film won several awards and was sold to ten countries. More recently, he directed a 7’ short, PLAYING AWAY FROM HOME. This was part of the worldwide project ‘Short Plays’ by Arte Mecànica in Mexico. Vincent Gallo and Gaspar Noé were also part of this project. Mortier currently has two feature films in development: ANGEL and HAUNTED.

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