600 Miles

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    600 Miles

    600 Millas

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    85 min

    • Spanish


    Mexican submission for the Academy Awards

    Arnulfo Rubio, a young Mexican, works with a gringo barely older than himself to smuggle weapons from Arizona to Mexico for a drug cartel. We follow him buying weapons, crossing borders and during his almost familial encounters with middle-men and clients. What Arnulfo does not know is that for some time he has been under surveillance by agent Hank Harris. Harris is a member of US law enforcement organisation ATF, an agency notorious for its dubious methods when it comes to combating Mexican drug cartels. One day Harris makes a fateful mistake; Arnulfo panics and decides to take the agent hostage and hand him over to his clients in Mexico. During their long road trip from Arizona to Culiacan the two very different men begin – albeit awkwardly – to warm to each other. But no sooner do they arrive at their destination than events come thick and fast. An inexorable spiral of violence is unleashed and their fates soon become inextricably intertwined. An utterly hopeless situation for Arnulfo, that leads to a deeply ambivalent, emotional ending …


    • Best First Feature Award - Berlin IFF
    • Mezcal Award for the Best Mexican Film - FICG
    • Best First Feature Film, Best Actor (Christian Ferrer) - Lima FF
    • Best Director Award - Thessaloniki IFF



    Tim Roth
    Kristyan Ferrer
    Noé Hernández
    Harrison Thomas
    Mónica del Carmen
    Armando Hernández
    Gabriel Ripstein
    Issa López
    Alain Marcoen
    Santiago Pérez Rocha León
    Gabriel Ripstein
    Alejandro de Icaza


    An understated, astutely gauged look at the way weapons flow south to arm Latin American infighting.

    Peter Debruge, Variety

    This film ends with a simple, cynical, realistic and brilliant final touch.


    Gabriel Ripstein creates extraordinary connections, making it a real highlight in the Panorama Special section.


    Tim Roth is perfect. Violent and energetic.

    Toute la culture

    The final twist...perfectly reflects the style dry but vibrant.

    Close up

    A cleverly constructed narrative... Roth keeps it real.

    The Upcoming

    600 miles shows the gangster genre from its sensitive side.

    Dog and Wolf

    The filmmaker manages to surprise us in every moment.

    Otros Cines

    A masterful study of human fragility, loneliness and alienation in a context of unimaginable violence.

    Joshua Oppenheimer, Jury First Film Award Berlinale

    A study in liminality, of places, life-stages and mentalities that are trapped between two states...The filmmaking is sleek and promising.

    Jessica Kiang, Playlist

    A pretty enterprising movie, subtly constructing its power relationship while not losing its grip on the basic sense of tension.

    Andrew Pulver, The Guardian

    Gabriel Ripstein

    Gabriel Ripstein


    Born in Mexico City in 1972 into a family of filmmakers, he is familiar with both the creative and business sides of the film industry. In recent years he has written a number of screenplays for the American and Mexican markets and has been involved as a producer in over 20 feature films for Sony Pictures.