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Arc 1950 Coproduction Village, Berlinale Co-Production Market
7 Pardeh

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7 Pardeh

Directed by Sepideh Farsi

  • Afghanistan, France 2017; 80 min
  • Original version: Dari, French
  • Genre: Documentary
    • Grand Prize of the French Competition: Prize Ex Æquo - FID Marseille

  • From the director of THE SIREN presented at Arc 1950 Coproduction Village
    From the director of THE SIREN presented at Berlinale Co-Production Market


From Afghanistan, little is known but a few cliches, the word Taliban, and a war that seems to have never ceased since the Soviet era and its new turn taken since 2001. A country devastated in a state of permanent conflict, a population deeply marked: how to do it justice?
Equipped with her only camera, reconnecting with her beginnings on documentaries, the director embraces the beautiful ambition to reach the intimate heart of the country.