A Balkan Noir
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    A Balkan Noir

    Directed by

    Sweden, Montenegro


    74 min

    • English
    • Swedish
    • Montenegrin


    East meets West in a throbbing revenge tale told in 20 cigarettes. It has been five years since Nina (Disa Östrand) and Oskar (Johannes Bah Kuhnke) lost their daughter on a vacation trip in Montenegro. Oskar has come to terms with the situation and is trying to get on with his life, but for Nina, the unsolved case remains an open wound. She returns to Montenegro alone in order to seek revenge from the man that took her daughter and destroyed her life. A psychedelic drama with suggestive scenes, in which the desire for vengeance, powerlessness and anxiety bubble beneath the surface in all scenes.



    Disa Östrand
    Srdjan Grahovac
    Johannes Bah Kuhnke
    Sergej Trifunovic
    Drazen Kuljanin
    Anna Patarakina
    Drazen Kuljanin
    Caroline Karpinska
    Drazen Kuljanin

    Drazen Kuljanin

    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    I decided to tell this story in twenty scenes as there are 20 cigarettes in a cigarette pack. The challenge of telling more with less. The feeling of being in the moment. There is no cheating or cutting away. Everything happens in real time. The smoke that fills every scene of the film will make you want to run away and gasp for air. That is my intention. That is how our protagonist is feeling in her life and the audience is stuck with as long as the cigarette burns.

    Kuljanin is a screenwriter and film director living in Sweden. He was born in Bosnia in 1980 and discovered stories thanks to his grandfather who worked at the local cinema. Kuljanin left Bosnia for Sweden in 1994 during the civil war and started making movies in his teens. In 2010, he graduated in screenwriting from Alma and started writing his first feature. HOW TO STOP A WEDDING was his directorial feature debut, it was shot in five hours on a train from Malmoe to Stockholm. The film won the 1-2 competition at Warsaw Film Festival.