A Dog Dies

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A Dog Dies

Directed by Siddharth Tripathy

  • India 2018; 83 min
  • Original version: Chhattisgarhi
  • Genre: Drama


In a region where large-scale displacement of villagers is common due to coal mining, Shoukie and his dog Kheru spend, what seems like, the last night in their village. The entire village has been abandoned for almost two years but Shoukie has been adamant about staying back – his home is not for sale. Shoukie stays on like a ghost with his dog.

When Shoukie is served a final notice by the mining company for eviction, he senses an imminent defeat and an illogical thought occurs to him – that his dog would die that night. Left alone by family and friends, Shoukie passes the night, hungry and nostalgic, with this notion of his dog’s death.

Representative of displacement due to industrialization, A DOG DIES is a curious tale of a person’s loneliness where he becomes a mere spectator in the journey of his own life.



    Siddharth Tripathy, Debabrata Tripathy