A Duck's Grin

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A Duck's Grin

Directed by Kim Youngnam

  • South Korea 2018; 142 min
  • Original version: Korean
  • Genre: Drama


One winter, Mu-cheol, a middle-aged man, goes on a trip. He has been a diligent worker at a water purifier company, but decides to quit due to the financial trouble the company is in. While packing up his stuff, he finds an old contract in a drawer he had signed with his ex-girlfriend. Remembering old times and their promise, he decides to visit her. He finds out that she has disappeared, and begins to search for her. However, along the way he keeps meeting other women and gets caught up in strange and anxious situations. He soon feels that his life has become more and more tied up and trapped. What will be waiting at the end of this trip? A Duck′s Grin is a movie that moves between reality and unreality. The journey in search of a woman is actually a time travel trip confronting his past and his conscience. Therefore, watching this film makes the audience wonder what kind of man Mu-cheol is and what kind of past he has gone through. The film resolves Mu-cheol’s fear and guilt in a unique and interesting way.



    Youngnam Kim