A Fish Out of Water

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A Fish Out of Water

Directed by Lai Kuo-An

  • Taiwan 2017; 90 min
  • Original version: Taiwanese, Mandarin
  • Genre: Drama


Yi-An, a young boy starting to go to kindergarten, often asks his parents to help him find his “parents from the past”. Helpless to their son's request, his mother Ya-Ji and father Hao-Teng try to save their marriage while taking care of Yi-An as much as they can.

Director's Statement

It's a family story. With supernatural phenomenon and the warmth of family, it portrays family relationships. For many years, I travel between Taiwan and China for work. Family has always been on my mind, and has been the theme of my works in recent years. As I turned 40, I'd like to present some of my reflections on life: Those once-beautiful memories should not be forgotten due to the heavy burdens from reality.




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