A Place to Come

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    A Place to Come

    Un luogo a venire

    Directed by



    7 min

    • Italian

    Experimental, Short

    "A Place to Come" is a video about the mutual references between the plain description of a place and its concrete demonstration.
    The narrative structure of the work starts from the perceptive features that are developed by the presence of fog.
    In this video, the reality that is till not expressed is anticipated by sounds. Just as it happens in case of fog.
    Moreover, a "voice over" describes the reality to come. In each sequence, the setting of the next scene is enticipated by voice over and sounds.
    The fog first appears as an object, as something out there that is separate from us. Then, with time, the object morphs and morphs until it begins to break up and disperse and it changes to a different state of matter altogether, once an object, it is now an atmosphere.
    The fog reveals the plenitude of space, the ways in which space and spaces are anything but empty. We tend to think of space as void, an emptiness between things.
    But space is also present and full and over-flowing with characteristics and qualities.




    Our work is moving along an ideal border-line, the one of meaning, which articulates the difference between possibility and impossibility, between movement and pose (pause).

    Flatform is a group of artists founded in 2006 and based in Milan and Berlin. The group works on video, video installations and mobile installations. Works by Flatform have been featured in several film festivals all over the world such as IFF Rotterdam, Nouveau Cinema Montreal, Venice Film Festival, Melbourne Film Festival and in many exhibitions in museums and institutions including, among others, the Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus Ohio and the Centre Pompidou, Paris. Awards: Screen Festival 2008 in Oslo; 25FPS 2009 in Zagreb; Lago Film Festival 2010 in Revine Lago. Their latest short film THAT WHICH IS TO COME IS JUST A PROMISE (2019) premiered at the 51st edition of Directors’ Fortnight.

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