A Pure Place
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    A Pure Place

    Directed by

    Germany, Greece


    90 min

    • German


    “A girl emerged from dirt and soil, different from all the others. Her teeth were white as snow. Her name was Hygeia.” This story is told by the orphans who were taken to a remote Greek island by a mysterious cult leader called Fust. Among them are Irina and Paul, two siblings who live in the dirty basement underneath the immaculate villa of their “savior.” There they make a special soap that promises absolute purity to the cult members as a sacrament. When Fust takes notice of Irina and has her move in with him, the siblings are separated for the first time in their lives. Irina is intoxicated by the new power she receives through Fust. She doesn’t notice how Fust is preparing his cruel endgame, in which he has assigned her the pivotal role of Hygeia: she is to rid the world of filth. Paul promises the other children of the basement that he will take up the fight against the powerful manipulator. Dirt must defeat purity, in contrast to what the mystery play prophesizes. Things turn violent.


    • Best Director - Filmfest München



    Nikias Chryssos
    Lars Henning Jung
    Yoshi Heimrath
    Carsten Eder
    Stephan Bechinger


    Nikias Chryssos

    Nikias Chryssos


    I want to see cinema as a form of dream, a magical ritual, an interwoven text, a place where the silly and absurd can meet the profound and sublime. It's this realm that I would like to explore in creating such strange and mysterious objects as movies.

    Born in Leimen near Heidelberg in 1978, Nikias studied film directing at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg. While still a student, he was selected for the Résidence du Festival de Cannes. Nikias is also a Berlinale Talents alumnus and took part in the master class ‘The Hollywood Perspective’ at UCLA in California. His short films screened at the Berlinale as well as numerous other festivals and gained him a number of international awards. THE BUNKER (2015) was his first feature film. His latest film is A PURE PLACE (2019), which won him the Best Director award at Filmfest München in 2021.

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