A Siege

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A Siege (Ostrom)

Directed by István Kovács

  • Hungary 2019; 23 min
  • Original version: Bosnian
  • Genre: Drama
    • Student Oscar - Academy Awards
    • Best Hungarian Short Film - BuSho IFF
    • Special Mention for Acting (Vedrana Bozinovic) - AFI Fest


The short movie tells a story about the sacrifices women had to make during the times of war.
1994, Sarajevo. No water, electricity or food in the town under siege.
Tea Mikic, despite the horrible war conditions, manages to keep her positivity. She lost her husband during the war and is completely self-sufficient. She is getting ready for something in the morning, so she decides to wash her hair even though all her backup supplies are gone. She starts her desperate journey to look for water, and neither her neighbors nor sniper fire can stop her.







    Patricia D'Intino