A Sister's Song

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A Sister's Song (Le chant d’une sœur)

Directed by Danae Elon

  • Canada, Israel 2018; 80 min
  • Original version: French, English
  • Genre: Drama


In the 1990s, two Israeli teen girls visited a Greek Orthodox monastery in Jerusalem. Tatiana, who had just turned 13, had a religious epiphany and would go on to become a nun. After several secret escapes from home to re-visit the monastery, and against her family’s wishes, she left her country and took the veil in a convent in Greece. Two decades later, her younger sister Marina visits her, hoping to convince her to come home. Is she ready to accept the feelings of a woman who says she has found happiness by God’s side? Danae Elon films the two sisters with respect and tact, capturing their complex ponderings about family, faith and the meaning of life. The result is a melancholy, nuanced portrait of two women who love each other, but do not understand each other.



    Andrew Noble