A Time to Rest

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    A Time to Rest

    Directed by

    France, Lebanon


    66 min

    • Arabic


    Riad, a middle-aged man, holds a firearm shop in a neighbourhood of Beirut. When he meets up with his friends or goes hunting with them, it is often with the aim of evoking together their memories of the civil war fought in the Christian militia. They live in nostalgia for the war that impassioned their youth. Director Myriam El Hajj builds solid architectural images that interrogate — and, perhaps, over time even manage to articulate — the intimate origins (Riad is El Hajj’s uncle) of endemic warmongering and violence that never seems to depart. She stays on course, maintaining an untenable position and fuelling the fire of controversial issues, while she traverses the minefield of historical responsibilities.


    • SCAM Prix Découverte - Visions du Réel



    Riad el Hajj
    Toni Aramouni
    Toni Kenaa
    Joseph el Hajj
    Myriam el Hajj
    Laurent Roth
    Fadi Kassem
    Anita Perez
    Myriam El Hajj

    Myriam El Hajj


    Born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983, Myriam el Hajj did her cinema studies in Lebanon before pursuing her master's degree in filmmaking in Paris. There, she obtained a masters in theatre and has been playing with a troupe of Commedia dell'arte « les Festinanti » for 7 years now. Myriam has directed 2 short films and numerous videos. Her short film OFF WAR BEIRUT was produced in France and selected in several festivals. Her first feature documentary film, A TIME TO REST (2015) was selected in Visions du Réel and received many awards including the prestigious Prix Découverte de la SCAM. In addition to making films, Myriam teaches cinema in Lebanon at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA).