A Volatile Tale

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A Volatile Tale (Una storia volatile)

Directed by Carla Vestroni

  • Italy 2017; 44 min
  • Original version: Italian, English
  • Genre: Documentary


The unexpected birth of young birds frames this daily observation of a bird colony from the window of a flat in Rome. A poetic juxtaposition of human and bird life, of the search for god and a yearning for perfection, plays out on a minimalist stage of a few slanting rooftops. The footage of urban gulls, taken with a shaky handheld camera and intercut with shots of nuns from the neighbouring monastery, are mixed with poems, excerpts from novels and classical music. Only now and then – in a reflection in a window or from a seemingly banal conversation – do we learn anything about the people behind the camera.

Director's Statement

Is life linear? Why should narration be. Our attentive eyes excite our thoughts. Let's follow them. A VOLATILE TALE proceeds through associations describing not the existing but the experience.