Above Dark Waters

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    Above Dark Waters

    Tumman veden päällä

    Directed by



    110 min

    • Finnish


    A small boy opens his eyes in the morning, astonished by the sunlight. The family life is as usual, almost idyllic. But the boy starts to hear noises during the nights; arguments and crying. The father disappears; the mother takes the kids to the grandparents’ house. What are the consequences when the child’s unconditional trust and admiration for his parents breaks?


    Samuli Edelmann
    Matleena Kuusniemi
    Peter Franzén
    Olavi Angervo
    Peter Franzén
    Kimmo Taavila
    Janne Lappalainen
    Irina Björklund
    Peter Franzén

    Peter Franzén


    Peter Franzén is a Finnish actor who has appeared in over 40 films and TV series. Of these, the most famous are A SUMMER BY THE RIVER, AMBUSH, MUSTAN KISSAN KUJA, BADDING, ON THE ROAD TO EMMAUS, RÖLLI JA METSÄNHENKI, KUUTAMOLLA, BAD BOYS, DOG NAIL CLIPPER, MATTI, HELLSINKI AND KERRON SINULLE KAIKEN. For his role in DOG NAIL CLIPPER, Franzén was awarded a Jussi Award for Best Actor as well as earning praise from film critic Jay Weissberg from Variety magazine who called the actor "one of the most talented and versatile thesps in Finland". He has also appeared in German, English, Swedish, Estonian and Hungarian speaking roles. Franzén had a role as a Russian corpse in one episode of CSI: Miami, and more recently was cast for a small part as a police officer in the movie Cleaner by Renny Harlin. In 2009 Franzén had a small role as a Swedish Viking in the True Blood episode NEVER LET ME GO. ABOVE DARK WATERS is his directorial debut.