Adversarial Feelings

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Adversarial Feelings

Directed by Lorem (Francesco D'Abbraccio)

  • Italy 2019; 22 min
  • Original version: English
  • Genre: Experimental, Documentary
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In contemporary data-driven societies we increasingly experience a lack of tools when when trying to represent phenomena. Truth is not something to mirror anymore. Many agencies interact with its own structure, which is liquid and adversarial and more and more operational. Especially when we address our interests toward complex cultural devices, it seems impossible to depict them by simplifying their ecosystems. Representations often turn then into simulations, which mantains the same complexity as the observed contexts: truth becomes something to perform.
Modern tools such Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence allow us to reconstruct complex ecosystem, simulating their structure through the lens of a non—human form of intelligence. Especially when they are employed to deal with huge data architectures, neural networks behave in a peculiar, non human, fashion. Trying to inspect their way to face complexity could be useful to understand and to disfruit their own potential.
Neural Networks are nowadays widely used to detect, classify and reconstruct emotions, mainly in order to map users behaviours and to affect them in effective ways. But what happens when we use Machine Learning to perform human feelings? And what if we use it to produce a simulation of subjectivity and its agencies, rather then to affect consumers? Adversarial Feelings is an attempt to inform non-human intelligence with emotional data sets, in order to build an algorithmic intimacy through those intelligent devices. The goal is to observe subjective/affective dimension from the outside, to speak about human emotions as perceived by non-human eyes. Transposing them into a new shape helps Lorem to embrace a new perspective, and to recognise fractured experiences.



    Francesco D'Abbraccio