Air Conditioner
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    Air Conditioner

    Ar condicionado

    Directed by



    72 min

    • Portuguese

    One day, air conditioners in the Angolan capital Luanda start to mysteriously fall from the buildings. When security guard Matacedo is told to get his overheating boss an airco unit before the end of the day, he starts a mission that among other things brings him into contact with the eccentric owner of an electronics store. His search is the starting point for a pleasantly free film about the heartbeat of this city: the buildings in Luanda which visibly bear its history, and the people trying to rebuild their lives after the civil war.

    Music and sound guide us through the city: we hear a jazzy soundtrack, a socially critical rap, the chaotic hum of the city and surreal, distorted sounds. The film's opening immediately sets the tone with urban portraits by Angolan photographer Cafuxi. AIR CONDITIONER was written, produced and shot entirely in Angola by collective Geração 80, and proves that artistic cinema in Angola is alive and kicking.



    José Kiteculo
    Filomena Manuel
    David Caracol
    Tito Spyck
    Filipe Pali
    Ery Claver
    Ery Claver
    Zeno Monyak
    Aline Frazão
    GERACAO 80





    Making films is process of discovery and sharing for me. It gives me chance to express and act in meaningfully way. I believe in a cinema of the senses, where we can feel, be taken away by the profound and the silent disquiet of our lives.

    (1986, Angola) Fradique studied cinema in the USA and is one of the founders of Geração 80, an independent production company in Luanda, Angola, which focuses on author cinema. After the short film ALAMBAMENTO (2010), he directed the documentary INDEPENDENCE (2015), screened at several international film festivals and winner of Angola’s National Culture Prize for Cinema. It was recognised as a remarkable step towards recovering Angola's collective memory. In addition, he has directed art-house music videos for Angolan artists such as Nástio Mosquito and Aline Frazão. He is an alumnus of the Berlinale Talent programme and the Realness African Screenwriting Residency. His first fiction film, AIR CONDITIONER (2020), just premiered at the IFF Rotterdam 2020. Currently he’s developing his next film THE KINGDOM OF CASUARINAS (2022).

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