All About My Sisters
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    All About My Sisters

    Jia ting lu xiang

    Directed by



    174 min

    • Chinese


    Jin scowls into the camera when her sister – the filmmaker – asks about her earliest memories. No wonder: these memories are anything but pleasant. Jin was born in the 1990s, during China’s one-child policy. It was normal then for unborn girls to be aborted – right up to the last month of a pregnancy, because boys were preferred. Living babies were also ruthlessly dumped in the garbage, or in the woods. Jin survived for a week in a box on the streets.

    The story of this rebellious fighter unspools before the camera’s gaze, which follows her everywhere over several years. Jin is now a mother herself, struggling with her heritage. Wang Qiong interviews her parents, who are wracked by feelings of guilt, and her uncle, who back then enforced birth control policy for the government. This intimate, highly personal document is both a loving, painfully honest portrait of a family and an attempt to expose a traumatic period in China, so that the deep wounds this has left may finally start to heal.



    Wang Qiong
    Wang Qiong
    Wang Qiong

    Wang Qiong


    Documentary filmmaker and photographer WANG Qiong from China focuses on themes about social injustice and human rights, telling stories of underrepresented individuals and communities. She explores themes such as birth, aging, illness and death. Wang makes films about herself and people intimately related to her, like her family and friends. Her first feature, ALL ABOUT MY SISTERS (2020), touches on the one-child policy in China, and is based on her own family story.