Alone with Our Stories

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    Alone with Our Stories

    Seules avec nos histoires

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    60 min

    • French


    Documentary considering domestic violence in France featuring the testimonies of different women survivors of both physical and psychological abuse.

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    Hubert Sauper
    Hubert Sauper
    Hubert Sauper
    Zsuzsanna Varkonyi

    Director's Statement

    In France, one out of seven women, is confronted with, one day or another, the procedure whereby her partner reveals violent and destructive behaviour. If extreme physical violence is most visible, psychological violence, sexual harassment; financial domination and humiliation etc are equally unacceptable. There are hundreds of thousands of women who suffer in this repetitive manner. In our country, two women per week are killed by their partners ... Among all backgrounds and in all countries, marital violence makes life hell for its victims. Often relegated to the level of miscellaneous news items these forms of violence are no longer a problem confined to the private sphere - they are counter to all fundamental human rights ... Violence against women is a question of human rights. I would even say it's a ‘war’ and, in the hierarchy of possible wars, I believe that marital violence is not only the most invisible and neglected form of war, but also the most threatening and destructive … Male violence against women is a very serious problem in our society, too often considered a private problem. For weeks, I tried to meet concerned women, not to film straightaway but to approach this so complex topic. The aim of this cinematographic work should not become yet another attempt to obtain a new theory on this question. For that, there are luckily a great number of committed specialists, books and television broadcasts. The aim is rather to expand on a thought, also among those who are not personally affected and who can barely imagine the scale and gravity of the problem … The women who participate in the project will be completely aware of the film's aim and their role instead of appearing without knowing the real context … One has to try to give an image to those who are in the film and to us before the screen which radiates a piece of reality, radiates reality and helps us, ideally, to see.

    Hubert Sauper

    Hubert Sauper


    What you really search for, as an artist, is to create cinema which can give people a 'first-hand life experience.'

    Hubert Sauper was born in Kitzbühel/Tyrol, in the Austrian Alps. He lived in Great Britain, Italy, the USA, and then France for ten years. He studied film directing in Vienna (Univ. of Performing Arts) and in Paris (Univ. de Paris VIII.) and graduated with a B.A. (Mag. Art). Hubert teaches film classes in Europe and the USA. KISANGANI DIARY (1998) won numerous International Film Prizes and DARWIN'S NIGHTMARE (2004) was nominated for an Academy Award. He has also written and directed other works including ALONE WITH OUR STORIES (2000) and ON THE ROAD WITH EMIL (1993). His latest documentary WE COME AS FRIENDS was awarded at both the Viennale & Biennale this year and is currently an EFA nominee.

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