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Directed by Nima Eghlima

  • Iran 2018; 106 min
  • Original version: Farsi
  • Genre: Drama


We meet 30-something Amir at a point in his life where he has become the epicentre of other people’s problems. His friend’s ex-wife has gone missing, having threatened to leave the country with the couple’s son; his grown-up sister is desperate to leave home despite their parents’ fierce efforts to keep the family together. It isn’t clear whether Amir intends to help all of them, but no-one’s asking him to…

Director's Statement

Man has always lived with his hopes and fears, all of which have given meaning to his society and life, meanings that make him continue living as a child to form his social motivations in the society. Hopes that turn into failures in adulthood and get replaced with controlled fears and then this awareness makes him passive against all challenges he faces in life. Amir belongs to the same group who tries to use his awareness to act and behave beyond wrong and right when everyone around turn into mannequins.



    Elaheh Nobakht