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Directed by Vardan Tozija

  • Macedonia 2016; 103 min
  • Original version: Macedonian
  • Genre: Drama, Crime
    • FIPRESCI Award - PriFest


Phillip, one of the rough, marginalised, abandoned teenagers from a desolated suburban Juvenile Adoption Center, is forced by a corrupt police inspector to participate in a terrifying encounter which leads to severe consequences. Despite the futile attempts of his teacher, the only caring educator in the Center, to help out and put light on this incident in a country where power determines justice, and the efforts of his best friend Petar to persuade him to get over and forget the whole thing, something deep inside Phillip’s mind is broken beyond repair. This “tumor” devours his sanity, burns with rage for revenge, which he ultimately transfers to the other youngsters sharing his cruel fate. Incited by the awakening words of their educator who lost all hope, and Phillip as the emerging, ferocious leader of the pack, the lost boys resolutely embrace the path of violence, which takes them deep into the catacombs of the criminal underworld. Soon, all those who oppose or question their vigor, are considered enemies.

Director's Statement

AMOK is a dark, intense journey of revenge and survival, shown through the eyes of a group of young outcasts in a juvenile detention centre, dwellers in the margins of a ruthless, post-transitional society. Threads of bitter humor, innocent love, and frantic rage weave this story set in the concrete walls and decayed gray buildings, filthy, dim alleys and abandoned facilities. In a place where humiliation, prejudice and violence flourish, a fierce army of no-ordinary criminals emerges. Rough edged boys with nowhere to go and nothing to lose, brought together by the idea that only brute force can secure their existence. In order to reach true authenticity, the cast involves non-actors. Working with real teenagers taken from the catacombs of the city, making them LIVE the anger and the determination to clash with the world that rejected them was the greatest challenge and directors drive in this film. The youngster’s primordial impulses and intimidating sincerity should undoubtedly bring the audience on their side, whatever methods they use. My goal was to make the audience thirsty for their revenge. Concerning the author’s stance towards the moral dilemma of the story? Should they walk that dangerous path with no clear goal? Seeing that all other means are futile, my answer is YES. Yes, they should, no matter what the outcome may be. At least, at some point, their roar may be heard.




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