And-Ek Ghes...
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    And-Ek Ghes...

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    When the Velcu family left Romania to resettle in Germany, their filmmaker friends from Berlin were there to film their move. The family council welcomed their suggestion that a film be made about their new life. Colorado Velcu, the father of the family who has kept wonderful journals since his youth, was made co-director alongside Philip Scheffner, above all due to his knack for staging and his feel for the artistic talents of his children, nephews, sisters and brothers-in-law. Bollywood fans one and all, their story becomes a real life family saga – with its own theme song! There is the first Velcu to be born in Berlin, the painful farewell to relatives leaving for Spain in pursuit of better financial prospects, the wife locked away in a distant Romanian prison – and the parks of Berlin become the bucolic setting for smoky picnics. How this Velcu saga came into being is a frequent topic of discussion among the participants, making this sometimes melancholy, sometimes hugely funny and charming film into an intelligent meta-movie about ethnographic filmmaking, about media images and stereotypes about Roma families today.



    Philip Scheffner
    Colorado Velcu
    Coloradu Velcu
    Philip Scheffner
    Parizan Nistor
    Casino Nistor
    Mario Ilie
    Emporio Ilie
    Noami Nistor
    Fecioara Velcu
    Zefir Chiciu
    Jeckichan Velcu
    Raţa Miclescu
    Calil Velcu
    Philip Scheffner
    Colorado Velcu
    Parry Nistor
    Philip Scheffner

    Philip Scheffner


    Philip Scheffner was born on 28 May 1966 in Homburg/Saar. He lives in Berlin since 1986, where he works as a documentary filmmaker and video and sound artist. He runs the production platform pong along with Merle Kröge, Alex Gerbaulet and Caroline Kirberg. His most recent feature films, HAVARIE and AND-EK GHES..., were selected at the Berlinale Forum in 2016. His project PLACE DE L'EUROPE was selected for the Venice Gap-financing Market 2019.

    Selected Filmography

    Colorado Velcu

    Colorado Velcu


    Colorado Velcu was born in Craiova, Romania in 1979. He has been living and working in Berlin since 2014. He appeared as a protagonist in Philip Scheffner's film REVISION (2012). His filmic collaboration with Philip Scheffner, AND-EK GHES..., was selected at the Berlinale Forum in 2016.