And the Mud Ship Sails Away
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    And the Mud Ship Sails Away

    Soshite Dorobune ha Yuku

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    88 min

    • Japanese


    Takashi Hirayama is unemployed, unmotivated, and lives with his grandmother in Ohtawara City in Tochigi. One day, he is visited by a girl who claims to be his dead father's daughter. The first production from brothers Hirobumi and Yuji Watanabe's Foolish Piggies Films is an unprecedented comedy made by a crew of four and their families and friends. It stars Kiyohiko Shibukawa and features Ayasa Takahashi, Kaoru Iida and other Gekidan 36 Kei members, as well as 96-year-old newcomer Misao Hirayama. At its miraculous world premiere in Tokyo, the most 'Tochigi-esque' film in history will be unveiled.



    Kiyohiko Shibukawa
    Ayasa Takahashi
    Kaoru Iida
    Mina Takeda
    Hitoshi Suzuki
    Satoshi Haneishi
    Kodo Toda
    Misao Hirayama
    Bang Woo-Hyun
    Teruhaya Nagatomo
    Yuji Watanabe
    Hirobumi Watanabe

    Hirobumi Watanabe


    Woohyun Bang is my close friend from our school days and he is the cameraman whom I always work with. One reason we decided to do this in black and white is because of the world view and atmosphere of this movie. Another reason is if we filmed in colour, I felt that all of the characters, scenes and objects would have become too distracting.

    Born in 1982 in Ohtawara City, Tochigi, Hirobumi Watanabe is an Institute of the Moving Image graduate and former pupil of director Daisuke Tengan. His graduation film, A LIGHT PIG OF AUGUST (2018) won the Film Lovers' Festa's grand prize. His 2010 play, Kyojin Nikki, broke attendance records at the Shinjuku Golden-gai Gekijo. In 2013, he founded Foolish Piggies Films and released AND THE MUD SHIP SAILS AWAY. Since, he's directed 7 DAYS (2015), POOLSIDE MAN (2016) and PARTY 'ROUND THE GLOBE (2017) His latest film, CRY (2019), won the Best Director award in the Japanese Cinema Splash programme at Tokyo IFF.

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