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Animals (Tiere)

Directed by Greg Zglinski

  • Switzerland, Austria, Poland 2017; 95 min
  • Original version: German, French
  • Genre: Thriller
    • Special Mention (Emerging Swiss Talent Award) - Zurich FF


A collision with a sheep on a country road initiates a whole series of weird and unsettling experiences for Anna and Nick which ultimately leave them both incapable of being certain exactly where they are: in the real world, in their own imaginations – or in someone else’s imagination.

Director's Statement

I feel drawn to this story in a magical way. The first time I read the screenplay I had the feeling that I had touched on the secret of life and death. I had the feeling that the world is much bigger than we see and experience it in everyday life. And I had the feeling that this is real. I would like to pass on this feeling to the audience of the film. It’s a game with perspectives. Who is imagining whose existence? Or is he imagining somebody who is in turn imagining something else? Who is true? Who is really there? In whose head is this film happening? And what is the role of the animals? It’s the logic of a dream that evades our usual experience of perception. However, it is above all the story of a man and a woman who try to find a way to each other but have a hard time because they seem not to live in the same reality. Isn’t it in fact the case that, when emotions come into play, we lose all feeling for space and time? And in the final analysis, aren’t we all alone with our emotions? This story is a mystery, one that only allows us to sense that behind the visible world there is another, invisible, one.








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