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    55 min

    • Italian


    Taking inspiration from Fellini’s unproduced film treatment VIAGGIO CON ANITA, the movie takes us along the streets of a secret Italy, far from the beaten path, on the tracks of Guido and Anita and their voyage, both geographical and human, to reach Guido’s father on his deathbed. Archival images (in 8mm, super8 and 16mm) intertwine with fragments from today, in a game of catch between present and past, in which the testimony of that which was and that which might have been blend together with what is. Unexpected encounters and timeless passers-by punctuate the two lovers’ adventure as it unfolds, unraveling with stopovers and departures, in a motion as flowing as the ocean.



    Antonio Bigini
    Luca Magi
    Claudio Giapponesi
    Claudio Giapponesi
    Massimo Carozzi

    Director's Statement

    “VIAGGIO CON ANITA is the most private film Fellini wrote, the one in which he reveals himself the most. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it was never made: the material burnt too much, he felt he had to free himself of it, even though later he was sorry he hadn’t had the courage to make the film. This is why I think it is the most precious project of the many he never made, because it lets us delve into Fellini’s heart and thoughts.”

    Luca  Magi

    Luca Magi


    Luca Magi (1976) is a director and video artist. His works have participated at national and international festivals and exhibits, such as the Torino Film Festival, the Flash Art Museum in Trevi and the New York collective After Urban. The video art in his filmography includes SOVRAPPENSIERO (2003),IOOI (2004), PASSI A TEMPO (2005), IL BUCO(2005), URBINO PAESAGGIO UMANO (2007), and ALMEISAN (2007). ANITA is his first documentary. His latest documentary STORIES OF THE HALF-LIGHT will have its world premiere at Visions du Réel 2018.

    Selected Filmography