Anna's Life

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Anna's Life

Directed by Nino Basilia

  • Georgia 2016; 108 min
  • Original version: Georgian
  • Genre: Drama
    • Moon of Valencia Award for Best Feature - Cinema Jove Valencia IFF
    • FIPRESCI Award - Cairo IFF


Single mom Anna is forced to take three, then four jobs to support herself and her austistic son who lives in a children’s home. When it all becomes too much to bear, she decides to leave Georgia and travel to the US. But getting tickets and a fake visa is easier said than done. Her contact has something to hide, and when their relationship falls through, Anna panics and kidnaps his daughter. In the middle of everything else, Anna starts a relationship with a young man from the area where she lives. ANNA'S LIFE skillfully captures feelings of hope, guilt and grinding confinement through its realistic style.


Director's Statement

I had a desire to create a feature film reflecting the life and dreams of young people living in Georgia who do everything to improve their living conditions. The film retells about the problems of a young single lonely mother, her optimism, her poverty, her devotion to her child, and the difficult labyrinths through which she has to pass.


  • STUDIO 99

    Nino Basilia 

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