Antoine and Marie

Not available for screening anymore

Antoine and Marie (Antoine et Marie)

Directed by Jimmy Larouche

  • Canada 2014; 85 min
  • Original version: French
  • Genre: Drama
    • Grand Prize (Focus) - FNC Montréal


Marie, who works at a car dealership, has lived with her boyfriend for the past three years. Sometimes when her day is done, she goes out for a drink with her coworkers, who are mostly men. For these impromptu happy hours, Marie likes to get dolled up and flirt, sometimes dangerously, though never going so far as to cheat on her partner. After one such revelry though, Marie wakes up at dawn with no recollection of the night before. It's a total blank. She resumes her day-to-day routine, but a few weeks later, realizes she's pregnant. The discovery turns her placid existence on its head as doubt and remorse begin to plague her. After the success of his first feature, LA CICATRICE, Jimmy Larouche is back with a meditation on a delicate, rarely addressed topic: date rape drugs slipped into drinks in bars. Larouche, who makes a point of shooting his films in his hometown of Alma, makes skilful use of silence to build dramatic tension around the plight of a shattered woman looking in vain for those responsible for her descent into hell.



    Patricia Diaz