As I Lay Dying

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As I Lay Dying (Khi tôi nằm chết)

Directed by Anh Le Quynh

  • Vietnam 2017; 19 min
  • Original version: Vietnamese
  • Genre: Experimental


After having a weird dream of drowning in water, Thanh went to a psychic, who performed spirit medium ritual, to get answers. The psychic gave Thanh a gold Buddha necklace for protection and asked her to come along with him to a temple to pray for blessings. On the way there, Thanh saw a young girl of 10-12 years old, seemingly a ghost haunting her. She also had another dream in which she was a film director and in the film, the psychic was the male lead named Nam and the ghost was the female lead named Trang. Nam was Thanh’s boyfriend but their relationship was in dry spell and Nam kept playing around Trang. He gave Thanh a gold Buddha necklace but Thanh returned it to him. Thanh got jealous with Trang and simultaneously, she had different illusions both awake and in her dreams, in which she performed spirit medium ritual, underwater dreams and the talk with the psychic led her to the gold necklace and her last dream. She found out that Trang got the necklace from Nam and while fighting, Thanh killed Trang and dragged her into water. After finding out the trauma which seemed to happen in the same reality, the psychic pushed Thanh into the river. That’s when she woke up from all the dreams. It turned out that she was traumatized because of an abortion she had a year ago and Nam was her husband. Thanh and Nam both sitting in the same restaurant she dreamt of, saying the lines of dying characters in the movie she made in her dream.