As She Left
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    As She Left

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    38 min

    • English


    Like the need to get lost when what mattered most is lost.

    Like the need to rebuild a new world when everything around is a heap of ruins.

    Like the ghosts who live together with the living.

    New Orleans, Louisiana: one day was enough for Katrina to wipe out an entire city. One gesture was enough for him to choose to leave her for another woman.

    So she ends up wandering around the city even more wounded, dispossessed and astonished, with a story not to be forgotten and a new one to begin.


    Caroline Guimbal
    Agathe Hervieu
    Alexandra Kandy Longuet

    Alexandra Kandy Longuet


    “Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.” (Robert Bresson)

    Alexandra Kandy Longuet was born in Paris. After studying at the Paris-Cergy National School of Arts and the Paris III University, she was involved in several exhibitions. Her first documentary, AS SHE LEFT (2012), received the Grand Prix at the Festival Message to Man. She is one of the 2017 laureate of the Scam’s star for SHIPWRECKED AMERICA (2017). Her latest film, VACANCY (2018) won the Best World Documentary Film at the Jihlava IDFF.

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