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Atlantis, 2003

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Atlantis, 2003 (Atlantída, 2003)

Directed by Michal Blaško

  • Slovak Republic, Czech Republic 2017; 30 min
  • Original version: Ukrainian, Slovak
  • Genre: Short, Drama
    • ARTE Prize - Angers FF
    • Magnesia Award for the Best Student Film - Czech Lion Awards

  • From the director of VICTIM presented at When East Meets West


2003, four years before Slovakia entered the Schengen Area. Martin and Denisija, a young couple from Ukraine, are trying to get illegally to Germany through Slovakia, like many people before them. In a couple of years, the border between Slovakia and Ukraine will be one of the most secured borders in Europe, but in 2003 it is still open for smugglers and for people hoping to find a new life in Western Europe.


  • VSMU

    Michal Blaško