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Asian Project Market, TorinoFilmLab Meeting Event, CineMart
Aurora, My Aurora

Not available for screening anymore

Aurora, My Aurora

Directed by Janus Victoria

  • Philippines 2012; 15 min
  • Original version: Filipino
  • Genre: Comedy drama, Short

  • From the director of KODOKUSHI presented at Asian Project Market
    From the director of KODOKUSHI presented at TorinoFilmLab Meeting Event
    From the director of KODOKUSHI presented at CineMart


In a city where encounters are anonymous, impersonal, and unsatisfying, sometimes the most human connections are born out of the most random collisions. Rhythms can create discord and cacophony or blend into sad sweet harmony, as a lonely taxi driver and a young showbiz aspirant discover. A fare seeking love, an audition gone awry: pulsing through the veins and arteries of the city is the relentless rhythm of time passing with equal regard for those who are swept along and those who are swept away by the beat.