Aurora, My Aurora

Not available for screening anymore

    Aurora, My Aurora

    Directed by

    • Janus Victoria



    15 min

    • Filipino

    Comedy drama, Short

    In a city where encounters are anonymous, impersonal, and unsatisfying, sometimes the most human connections are born out of the most random collisions. Rhythms can create discord and cacophony or blend into sad sweet harmony, as a lonely taxi driver and a young showbiz aspirant discover. A fare seeking love, an audition gone awry: pulsing through the veins and arteries of the city is the relentless rhythm of time passing with equal regard for those who are swept along and those who are swept away by the beat.



    Rolando Inocencio
    Claudine Dagandan
    Kristoffer Brugada
    Janus Victoria
    Carlo Mendoza
    Mirana Medina-Bhunjun
    Roselle Siojo
    Ely Buendia
    Janus Victoria

    Janus Victoria


    I've found that filmmaking is the only way for me to articulate myself.

    Janus Victoria (1982, Manila, Philippines) became interested in film after a trip to a video shop in Manila’s Chinatown area during her last year at university. It was there that she discovered Asian films and became exposed to a film language and sensibility that resonated with her. After many return trips, she was inspired to make her first short film, based on the people she saw in the district. Titled HOPIA EXPRESS, the film received the Best Short Film Award at the 2006 Cinemanila International Film Festival. The film also marked the first of a series of short film tributes to urban Manila. A member of Docnet Southeast Asia, Victoria also works as a director for the longest running television documentary programme in the Philippines. In 2011, she produced the independent feature hybrid documentary film FOREVER LOVED, a recipient of the cinema grant from the National Commission on Culture and the Arts. The following year, she wrote and produced the TV documentary FLOATING SCHOOL, which was a finalist in the Welfare Category of the NHK Japan Prize. She has participated in the Berlinale Talent Campus, Docnet Campus and Talent Campus Tokyo.

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