Baby Brother

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Baby Brother

Directed by Kamau Bilal

  • USA 2018; 14 min
  • Original version: English
  • Genre: Documentary
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The director's baby brother moves back in with his parents.

Director's Statement

This picture was born out of a desire to interrogate the motion image & boil the art out of that which is simple. Be that an image of a broken glass or the way an audio cue can transform & explode an image by it’s presence. I wanted to make a film that cuts through an instinct to linger on & squeeze out the melodrama. A film that follows the Robert Bresson school of thought: “No art without transformation.” A film that challenges my own ideas as to what a cinematic image is or isn’t. These were the ideas floating around in my head while shooting - even though I may not have been completely able to verbalize them in the moment. It is when I confront the images in the edit & they are given proper space to settle that the cinema is given time to rise. On a personal level, it was an incredibly arduous film to make. Torn between the instinct to film & the necessity to be a supportive brother was a difficult road to navigate.
My brother is a tremendously captivating & caring individual who is lovely to be around. It is my privilege to share that with you.



    Kamau Bilal