Backstage Action

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Backstage Action (Faites sortir les figurants)

Directed by Sanaz Azari

  • Belgium 2018; 61 min
  • Original version: Dutch, Farsi, English, Luxembourgish, German, French
  • Genre: Documentary


This is de facto a film about a film, with the only difference being that the focus is exclusively on the extras. They are filmed while waiting to take their turn, while conversing with others, and thinking about their performances. Although they take their duties very seriously and long to be stars, for the filmmakers, they’re just people that can be coordinated as necessary, nothing more. This film, on the contrary, gives them full consideration, revealing their personalities, what they experience, and what they dream of. The footage comes from many different places where movies are made, involving extras from all different nationalities.



    Isabelle Truc 

  • CBA

    François Rapaille