Bahiya & Mahmoud

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    Bahiya & Mahmoud

    Directed by

    Jordan, United Arab Emirates, USA


    14 min

    • Arabic

    Comedy, Drama

    Like every other day, 9:30 am marks the beginning of yet another unbearable day in the life of Bahiya and Mahmoud, a couple in their late years, living alone together bickering and and enduring a seemingly loveless and tough marriage. They simply can't stand each other. It is only until one day Mahmoud awakes to a quiet peaceful morning and the terrifying realization that Bahiya is gone!



    Leyla Hakim
    Faek Homaissi
    Mounia Akl
    Zaid Abu Hamdan
    Ian S. Takahashi
    Donna Mathewson
    Nasser Abu Hamdan
    Zaid Abu Hamdan

    Zaid Abu Hamdan


    Zaid is a holder of an MFA from the New York Film Academy in Hollywood California and a BA in Communication Arts from the Lebanese American University in Beirut. He started his career working on international TV shows as an Assistant Director and Producer, including years of TV reporting and producing for MBC group from Hollywood. Zaid’s TV work extended to developing content for E! Entertainment’s Golden Globes coverage in Los Angeles, in addition to directing reality and scripted shows such as ‘Sesame Street’ and competition shows. In 2009, Zaid established his company Zaha Productions, producing ve internationally award-winning short lms to date. He travelled with his short lms to more than 40 international lm festivals worldwide, gaining critical acclaim. His Internationally distributed films include LOVE...OLDER and the 2012 Oscar-qualified film BAHIYA & MAHMOUD.

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