Directed by Octav Chelaru

  • Romania;
  • Genre: Drama

  • PRIVATE PARTY, BLACK CLOTHES previous works of director Octav Chelaru, available for screening on Festival Scope


Mrs. Ivanovici, a 35-year-old Religion teacher, is not living a truthful life. She married too young with the town priest and she has three boys with him. A part of her life is missing. Even though she is an attractive and intelligent woman, she cannot express her feelings because they got replaced by the others’. But something is boiling inside her.

Director's Statement

I was always interested in how set beliefs influence people. When I read a story from my small hometown about a high school student committing suicide after a relationship with his teacher, also a priest’s wife, I thought it was a tragedy but that was it. Later, I found out that, during her trial, the community was supporting the teacher. Then it hit me, everybody knew, so there must be multiple layers to it. I decided to make a film inspired by this story, trying to discover what lies beneath this seemingly in control surface.



    Radu Stancu