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Directed by The Moving Picture Boys, Pablo Briones

  • Switzerland, USA, Spain 2019; 90 min
  • Original version: Spanish
  • Genre: Documentary
    • Youth Jury Award - Sheffield Doc/Fest


Hot summer has come to their tiny village in the Cuban countryside, Leonel and Antuán intimately explore their universe far from adults. With a considerable difference in age, their unique friendship is torn between games and fights, conversations about everyday life, existentialist questions, simple pleasures, and boredom.
As his older friend is drawn to the busy life of the city, Leonel is forced to examine his life and place in the world.
While the Cuban society is going through a transitional period, the two friends also come to a crossroads.

Director's Statement

Camera in hand and natural light save time as opposed to a small technical shot, thus preserving the natural actor’s energy so they can solely devote to doing their work more enthusiastically, with the conviction that they are only “enjoying the time” in front of a camera. By being practically in their own reality (without having to wait for technical support or answering to the director`s remarks about the character’s psychology) they perform the task in a natural way, they simply “are” and “do” therefore achieving authenticity and naturality.
I am interested in getting authentic reactions throughout the shootings, reactions that cannot be scripted and are hard to reproduce. This is something I have learnt from Abbas. It is not about asking the actor to reproduce something, but rather trying to produce something similar by using a different means.
As per the production, I am in the game of engaging with the audience. Beginning with the instauration of a regime in which what you see and happens is a documented reality. Then, subtly move towards a fictionalized narration in which the same “real” characters that were introduced in the initial documentary become protagonists of a bigger emotional story. Characters we can identify with and see ourselves either as part of the past or the uncertain future that awaits them.



    Benjamin Poumey