Basta Boy

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    Basta Boy

    Malo Tempo

    Directed by



    19 min

    • Italian


    Luciano is serving time under house arrest. He lives between narrow walls and days feel always the same. Time goes by slowly, marked by actions repeated over and over again. He is sentenced to the void, the anxiety of a life spent waiting for something that does not come. Luciano fills his time singing melodramatic songs full of passion that perhaps nobody understands. His parents take care of him, but they are also his jailers. With the face and the body of a criminal, Luciano gets ready to start over again.


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    Luciano La Montagna
    Tommaso Perfetti
    Tommaso Perfetti
    Tommaso Perfetti
    Chiara Tognoli
    Guglielmo Trupia
    Tommaso Perfetti

    Tommaso Perfetti


    In 2003 he graduated in photography and documentary filmmaking. He works in Milan, deals with visual productions, social and ethnographic researches and collaborates with public and private institutes for social projects using still images and moving pictures.

    He is co-founder of the filmmakers collective ENECEfilm mainly dedicated to creative documentaries. He wrote the Script of LIMITES, a short animated film by Giulia Landi (Loyola-NOLA Feminist Short Film Festival, Animation day in Cannes, Festival du court en Plein air de Grenoble, Lisbon International Film Festival, TMC London Film Festival, Trento Film Festival, Swiss Mountain Film Festival, Anny animation Nights - New York, Montreal International Animation Film Festival – ANIMAZE, Cervino CineMountain Festival, Encounters Film Festival -Bristol). YVONNES is his First Feature Documentary that he directed alone and had its world premiere at Visions du Réel, where it won the Jury Prize for Most Innovative Medium-Length Film.