Battle for the City

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    Battle for the City

    Taistelu turusta

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    80 min

    • Finnish


    Turku is the oldest city in Finland. Its old distinguished buildings were destroyed in the modern fervour - businessmen, decision makers and architects were all involved. Why were they unable to treasure history? The film does not only deal with the past but follows the present-day activists and squatters too: why do they decide to take over buildings? To whom does the built space belong and who makes the decisions over it? The questions raised in film are topical not only in Turku, but also elsewhere in Europe and beyond.ownership of the city. What are the reasons behind the squatters? To whom does the built environment belong?


    Jouko Aaltonen
    Rauno Lahtinen
    Olli Vesala
    Pekka Aine
    Tuula Mehtonen
    Markku Kopisto
    Jouko Aaltonen

    Jouko Aaltonen


    Jouko Aaltonen (born 1956) has directed numerous documentaries with subjects ranging from the Siberian taiga to the diplomatic circles of New Delhi. In 2006 he released the feature length documentary Revolution that garnered record-breaking audiences and the Finnish Jussi award for best documentary. He is also a popular lecturer and an author of study books on cinema. He graduated from the Film Department, University of Industrial Arts, Helsinki in 1984. In 2007 he achieved his Doctor of Arts degree, successfully defending his doctoral thesis on Finnish documentaries.