Before Dawn

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    Before Dawn

    Directed by



    13 min

    • Hungarian

    Drama, Short

    Before dawn, a large transport truck - the sort with canvas curtains around the cargo, often seen moving troops or matériel - lumbers down a makeshift road through fields of tall grain. It stops where two such roads cross. Two men get out to check the truck, the horn sounds a few times, and the fields are alive with people each carrying a suitcase. Maybe 50 of them. They rush into the back of the truck, and it sets out down one road. Does a new dawn await these immigrants without papers?



    Sándor Badár
    János Kalmár
    Lajos Kovács
    Bálint Kenyeres
    György Réder
    Mátyás Erdély
    Péter Politzer
    Balint Kenyeres

    Balint Kenyeres


    Bálint Kenyeres was born in Budapest (1976). After studying Philosophy, Film History and Film Theory, he graduated in directing at the Budapest Film and Theatre Academy in 2006. Since then he is a member of the European Film Academy. His short film CLOSING TIME (ZARAS) premiered at the Venice Film Festival and got selected for more than 30 other film festivals, won a dozen awards. His previous short BEFORE DAWN was in Competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2005, won a Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival and got the European Film Academy Prix UIP for Best European Short in 2006. It was selected at 140 festivals, won 30 awards. His latest short THE HISTORY OF AVIATION premiered at Directors’ Fortnight in 2009 and has been selected for 50 film festivals since then.

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