Being Impossible

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Being Impossible (Yo Imposible)

Directed by Patricia Ortega

  • Venezuela, Colombia 2019; 85 min
  • Original version: Spanish
  • Genre: Drama


Ariel is a young religious dressmaker who, after a failed sexual encounter, discovers a secret her family has tried to hide all of her like: she was born intersex but, after corrective surgery, raised as a girl. A decision is now in her horizon: she can either keep living as a socially accepted but oppressed woman or live her life as an intersexual person and face the judgement of society.

Director's Statement

When I was born, my mother gave me dolls just because of the genitals I was born with. From that point on, a set of assumptions were imposed on me by society completely against my will. For those who won’t conform to those assumptions, challenging society is the only way to be free. BEING IMPOSSIBLE is the story of an intersex person, but anyone who has faced the challenge of demanding the right to decision about on their body, identity and sexuality will identify with the film. Nobody should enforce or police other people’s lives – that is the vision that underlies my film.




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