Between the Seasons

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Between the Seasons

Directed by Kim Junsik

  • South Korea 2018; 98 min
  • Original version: Korean
  • Genre: Drama


Hae-soo, a mysterious woman taking various kinds of drugs, moves to a rural city where nobody knows her. There, she opens a cafe and starts a new life. She becomes closer to Ye-jin, a high school student and regular customer, after hiring her to work at the cafe part time. When Hae-soo decides to change her phone, it’s like throwing away a past life. She meets Hyun-woo, a clerk at the mobile store. As Ye-jin observes the growing intimacy between Hae-soo and Hyun-woo, she is overwhelmed by a strange feeling of jealousy. Ye-jin realizes that her feelings for Hae-soo are real when she meets Ji-eun, a known lesbian at school. Hae-soo feels embarrassed when Yejin tries getting closer to her. In the end, she exposes her secret when Ye-jin confesses her feelings.



    Jun-sik Kim