Between Two Cinemas - Part 1

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    Between Two Cinemas - Part 1

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    USA, UK, Canada


    51 min

    • English


    4K scans of several of Lipmanā€™s poetic, exploratory, partially-narrative short works are presented and the former UCLA archivist opens up new conversations about how artists look after their work, whilst casting a fresh eye on the broad terrain of alternative film as it has been historically received. Archival material on Stan Brakhage and Andrei Tarkovsky, along with details of collaborations with artists Bruce Baillie, Jeanne Dielman cinematographer Babette Mangolte, Bela Tarr composer Mihaly Vig and synthesizer pioneer Patrick Gleeson all feature in this highly unusual, immersive and discursive, personally inflected hybrid of curated-programme and essay-film.



    Lisa Black
    Julie Queen
    Carolyn Roy
    Ross Lipman
    Ross Lipman

    Ross Lipman

    Ross Lipman is an American restorationist, independent filmmaker and essayist. He is best known for his 2015 documentary NOTFILM, his work with the Bruce Conner Family Trust and as Senior Film Restorationist at the UCLA Film & Television Archive, where he restored numerous independent and avant-garde works. BETWEEN TWO CINEMAS is his latest film which has its premiere at the BFI London Film Festival.