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Bird Hearts

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Bird Hearts (Fuglehjerter)

Directed by Halfdan Ullmann Tøndel

  • Norway 2015; 25 min
  • Original version: Norwegian
  • Genre: Comedy drama

  • Karlovy Vary IFF
    Toronto IFF

  • From the director of HIGH presented at Les Arcs Industry Village
    From the director of ARMAND presented at Les Arcs Industry Village


Benjamin and Maya share a life and an apartment in the center of Oslo. On the occasion of Benjamins 26th birthday, Tobias, Benjamins younger and more successful brother, comes to visit for the weekend. During a late night dinner party with friends, Maya tells a story about a sexual experience she had in Brazil. As a consequence, Benjamins insecurities and vulnerabilities begin to surface. Bird Hearts is a film about gender roles and jealousy, sex and family - and the tricky power of the stories lovers tell.



    Toril Simonsen