Blood Machines

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    Blood Machines

    Directed by

    France, USA


    50 min

    • English


    When the ghost of a spaceship escapes, two hunters take off on an interstellar chase to capture the entity before it can flee to freedom. What if machines had souls? From Metropolis to The Matrix, from Winding Refn to 2001, this is an orgasmic journey into 80s movies and music. Call it an over-the-top music video or a new-fangled space opera, this sequel to the cult video Turbo Killer by Carpenter Brut (huge in synthwave) was made on a shoestring budget, yet boasts effects worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster. A performative film, and one of the year’s great techno music events.



    Christian Erickson
    Anders Heinrichsen
    Elisa Lasowski
    Seth Ickerman
    Paul La Farge
    Philip Lozano
    Seth Ickerman

    Seth Ickerman


    Seth Ickerman comprises two French directors, who have worked for over 10 years under this pseudonym. They started with the 50-minute film KAYDARA, inspired by The Matrix’s universe. Produced with limited budget, KAYDARA attracted a large audience when they released it online. Since then, they have worked on various projects as directors for companies like LG, Ubisoft and Samsung, and directed the music video Turbo Killer in 2016 for Carpenter Brut. BLOOD MACHINES (2019) is their first science-fiction film.