Blood of My Blood

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Blood of My Blood (Sangue del mio sangue)

Directed by Marco Bellocchio

  • France, Italy, Switzerland 2015; 106 min
  • Original version: Italian
  • Genre: Drama
    • FIPRESCI Award (International Competition) - Venice IFF

    Toronto IFF


A mother pushes her son, Federico, a young man of arms, to visit the convent-prison in Bobbio, where Sister Benedetta is facing charges of witchery for seducing Fabrizio, Federico’s twin brother, and making him betray his priestly mission. The mother pressures Fedrico to rehabilitate his brother legacy but he, too, falls under Benedetta’s spell, thus sentencing her to a life sentence walled up in prison. Thirty years later, Federico, now Cardinal, will meet again Benedetta, still living behind those walls... Nowadays. Federico Mai, supposedly a Minister inspector, knocks at the doors of that very same convent, later transformed into prison and apparently abandoned, accompanied by a Russian millionaire, Rikalkov, interested in buying the property. In reality though, the place is still inhabited by a mysterious “Count” that illegally occupies some of the old prison cells and who wanders the city streets, alone, at night... The two foreigners alarm the whole Bobbio community which, guided by the Count, still lives by subterfuges and frauds, stonewalling the inescapable modernity with any means necessary. But is the new really better than the old?

Director's Statement

The film developed by chance, following the discovery of the ancient prisons in Bobbio, now closed and abandoned. This discovery inspired the first episode of the film narrating Benedetta’s story, a nun walled up in Santa Chiara convent-prison, in Bobbio. It is an explicit reference to the Nun of Monza. BLOOD OF MY BLOOD sprung directly from La monaca, and it recounts the whole trial, the ordeals Benedetta was put through to make her confess her alliance with Satan, and her final immuration. This remote story, so far off in time, made me go back to the present, to today’s rural Italy, granted and protected by the associative and corruptible political and union parties system, drastically transformed by globalization (and it still is not clear if for better or for worse).






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