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Blue (Blu)

Directed by Massimo D'Anolfi, Martina Parenti

  • Italy 2018; 20 min
  • Original version: Italian
  • Genre: Documentary


BLU tells a nocturnal and underground journey inside the TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine), the machinery used to dig tunnels and subways around the world. The departure of the TBM from a station and its arrival to the next, mark the stages of the film, a passage that goes from the darkness of work underground to the landing at the station, when the breakdown of the bulkhead frees workers from the bowels of the earth and their endless night. The film's gaze is aimed at the normally inaccessible and invisible places and shows the indissoluble bond between men and machines, between high technology and manual labor, between security and ancestral fears, between programming and randomness. BLU is a tribute to all invisible workers.