Body Talk
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    Body Talk

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    Is this my body? Who am I? As the carrier of spirit and will, how does a woman's body struggle, jostle, collide, and merge with everything but herself? The body seems to follow the mind as merely its shell or tool. However the body does possess memory. It knows how it feels to be tired, injured, sick, fat, being visible or invisible, bearing life or decaying and aging… Have you looked at your body carefully? Everything about you is buried amongst the hair, deep in your skin, down in your guts, or within those millions of nerves. Whether you have forgotten, your body remembers. We interviewed nearly thirty women and interspersed the clips throughout the film to discuss body's birth, aging, and illnesses during the course of life. Through these talks we learn the diverse female body experience, as if overhearing women’s whispers that flow in a feminine tone.

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    Singing Chen

    Singing Chen


    Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? Through filmmaking, I investigate these questions, contemplate the human condition, and try to find the essence of my subjects. This process is like a dance between two people whose life situations create stimulating conversations with each other.

    Singing Chen is a filmmaker from Taiwan whose works span across documentary, fiction and film scores that express a long-time observation of contemporary society, characters, and their lives. She’s well known for her highly stylized and fast-paced works that focus on artistic and cultural issues. Following her early acclaimed feature films BUNDLED (2000), and GOD MAN DOG (2007), she has also produced fabulous documentaries, such as THE WALKERS (2014) and THE MOVING TENT (2018). Many of her pieces have been screened, nominated and won prizes at more than thirty international film festivals including at Berlin Film Festival, Busan Film Festival, Fribourg International Film Festival, Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels, Golden Horse Awards, Taipei film festival, Créteil International Women's Film Festival.

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